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For the best performance and pricing, SHI modernized our ITAM by upgrading servers with refurbished components.

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    Reduction in carbon and energy consumption


    Server energy rating (up from a C)


    Saved on initial upgrade quote and ongoing energy costs

    As more customers utilized the ITAM lab, SHI needed to increase server efficiency and prioritize sustainability efforts.


    Our ITAM lab was experiencing slow turnarounds and testing was taking too long, creating a backlog of work. This shortage of resources within the virtual machine (VM) farm also prevented us from spinning up new VMs for testing purposes, which was necessary for supporting both new and existing customers.

    In search of a solution, the initial request was made to add a new Hyperflex server at a cost of $63,000.


    We first scanned each of our servers using the Interact model to establish their current energy efficiency within the lab. Each server was given a grade (from A+ to F) and recommendations were made for improved performance. After analyzing these results, we arrived at the following options:

    • Buy 3 new servers for $63,000.
    • Upgrade our servers by adding new processors, enhancing memory and hard drive, while also adding a new server for $75,000.
    • Upgrade our current servers using refurbished components to increase memory and hard drives for $22,000.

    While each option would deliver the desired outcome, we decided to use refurbished components to carry out the upgrade. This was not only the most cost-effective choice but would also prove to deliver better results than any new server purchase would have.

    Once the work was complete, we monitored performance and ran the scans again to measure the full impact of the changes.


    After the refurbishment, SHI saw a significant increase in performance. Our lab was now able to work at the capacity our business needed with the following results:

    • 148% increase in per-watt efficiency.
    • An A energy rating, skyrocketing from its previous C.
    • 143% increase in maximum capacity.
    • Over 40% decrease in carbon and energy consumption.
    • $40,000 saved on both the initial upgrade as well as the ongoing energy costs.
    • Lower total Scope 3 impact (all emissions not produced by us) — less than 40KG C02e compared with over 4,500 C02e if new servers had been purchased.

    With server improvements as high as hoped, SHI can deliver better results for our customers—with minimized impact on our planet too.

    “Using the SHI Sustainability Service provided valuable insight into the current server performance and efficiency. This unique data helped us to think differently about how we manage the upgrades and maintenance of our server hardware. We saved money while still achieving the outcome we needed for our business, resulting in lower ongoing running costs for our lab.”

    - Neil Frodsham - Global Director ITAM Services


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