IT Sustainability

Preserving the environment and fostering a sustainable future are crucial principles of our overall business strategy. Incorporating environmentally-friendly initiatives — whether internally or alongside our partners — minimizes the amount of yearly technology waste and maximizes our impact toward a greener planet.

Additionally, as a global solutions provider and technology advisor, we are here to help you reduce, reuse and recycle technology assets through our various eco-friendly solutions. Furthermore, we are committed to assessing our operations in an effort to limit our own carbon footprint.

Sustainability Solutions

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

From hardware recycling to software redeployment, we will work with you to determine the best combination of recovery services to meet your unique requirements.

Asset Disposal

Asset Disposal

We can help your organization dispose of, or redeploy used technology backed with comprehensive security protocols, ensuring compliance and protecting your sensitive data.

E-Waste Recovery

E-Waste Recycling

We hold yearly events for employees to recycle unwanted, unused and/or outdated equipment.

Hardware Redeployment

Hardware Redeployment

Through initial audit to delivery, our hardware redeployment specialists make sure your dated hardware is ready for reuse.

Asset Remarket

Hardware Remarket

Our auditors create value for your unused or unwanted hardware by refurbishing retired hardware for resale. Any value garnered can be applied as a credit back to your organization.

Cloud and Data Center Solution

Cloud and Data Center Solutions

Our Cloud and Data Center specialists aim in creating cost-effective solutions, reducing carbon emissions a physical IT infrastructure can have on organizations and communities.

Doing Your Part

SHI’s goal is consuming less energy and reducing our environmental impact through various initiatives:

  • Monitoring power consumption
  • Establishing a goal of 100% for recycling paper, plastics, glass and cardboard
  • Utilizing advanced energy-saving systems such as automatic lights and energy-saving computer monitors
  • Use of materials from renewable resources, non-toxic materials and recyclable items

SHI has reduced our travel-related environmental impact by promoting:

  • Teleconferencing and other collaborative working tools to limit the number of individual business trips
  • A Work-from-Home policy, when possible, and Carpooling when not
  • Flexible working hours
  • Use of public transportation
  • Water-efficient plumbing
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) finishes
  • The use of solar panels – SHI had over 2,000 solar panels installed in 2011 which have generated millions of kilowatt hours of electricity. SHI continues to install solar panels with new construction projects. For more information on our solar panel usage view this report here.
  • Strategic shipping to reduce packing materials and fuel consumption
  • The use of reusable packing materials when possible
  • Company-wide paperless initiatives

To learn more about our sustainable initiatives – or how we can help you become more environmentally friendly – contact us today!