Case Study:

Thousands of Dell Chromebooks Support Illinois School District's One-to-One Initiative

SHI helps the school district save time, money and human resources through end-to-end management of student and faculty device refresh


Customer Profile

A southern Illinois K-12 school district


The customer needed to equip 2,500 students with Dell Chromebooks as part of the school district's one-to-one initiative, but had limited resources, IT staff and timeframe.



SHI partnered with Dell to deploy the Chromebooks, their charging carts and the respective licenses, while offering a full array of services that helped complete the project within deadline.




  • The customer received competitive pricing and saved money thanks to an excellent partnership with Dell
  • SHI eliminated operational disruption, completed the project entirely during school breaks
  • SHI simplified the process by providing full project management services

We live in a digital world…just ask your kids! To embrace, encourage and support digital transformation, school districts are now requiring its students to turn in homework assignments and follow school curriculum not through old-fashioned pen and paper, but via the increasingly popular one-to-one electronic device initiative.


To modernize its classrooms, a southern Illinois K-12 school district - with 18 schools - undertook the challenging task of equipping close to 9,000 students with individual Chromebooks. With limited resources, IT staff and small window of delivery, the school district needed to provide 1,500 Dell Chromebooks to its students as part of the first phase of a multi-year rollout. Although no one debated the desired end-result, the district realized they could not possibly tackle the project on their own in time for Christmas (literally)!


Having worked with Dell in the past, and after evaluating other competitors, the school district continued to standardize on Dell technology. SHI utilized its strong partnership with Dell to secure the most competitive pricing available for the Chromebooks, charging carts and a full array of configuration and imaging services. SHI's Integration Center completed most of the work during the school district's winter break – thus completing the project in a tight timeframe without disrupting daily classroom activities.

A year later, SHI repeated the process for a remainder of the project, this time equipping them with 2,522 Dell Chromebooks (all with Google software), 220 Dell laptops, 160 Dell OptiPlex desktops for faculty and staff and 89 Spectrum charging carts. The multi-phased project continued to equip the rest of its students with Chromebooks every year until all 9,000 students had new technology in their hands.

By managing the project, SHI added enormous value when it came to competitive pricing, logistics management, and on-time delivery.

The project led SHI and the customer to explore networking and data center opportunities.