Case Study:

Alabama Hospital becomes "Zoo" Prepping for Thin Client Rollout

SHI utilizes "mock" environment to evaluate best manufacturers for the job


Customer Profile

Alabama hospital


The customer had recently switched to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and needed to replace their existing environment with thin clients and monitors to support the transition.



In order to create a custom-fit solution, SHI set up a "mock" environment, equipped with presentations and demonstrations of various products and manufacturers, with the customer ultimately settling on LG and HP for their thin clients, desktops and monitors.




  • Customer turned to SHI as an advisory partner to guide the customer with ongoing projects.
  • The customer received full support and an all-end solution that custom-fit their needs.
  • SHI’s excellent business relationship with its vendors ensured competitive pricing for the complete solution.

Medical students are not the only people who practice in a simulated environment. SHI set up one hospital’s IT staff in a dev environment to ensure their practice was ready-for-primetime.


A leading Alabama hospital – serving patients from 45 states and six countries – understood the importance of maintaining a cutting-edge IT environment. After working with SHI on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure strategy, the hospital’s next step was to put thin clients and monitors in the hands of all nurses, doctors and administrators without sacrificing downtime or HIPAA compliance.


Working within a year-end budget, the hospital wanted to explore their options under deadline. With thousands of industry-leading manufacturers to choose from, SHI presented thin client solutions that could be delivered on time, under budget and meet the staff’s business and IT needs.

To ensure all options were viable, SHI set up a “mocking zoo” in which pre-qualified manufacturers got a chance to present their solution and have end-users demo devices in a simulated environment. After evaluating, testing and collecting feedback, the customer settled on an LG and HP Inc. combination, ultimately purchasing (1,500) LG Cloud V Series thin clients (all-in-ones), (250) HP ProDesk 400 Mini desktops and (200) HP LED monitors.

SHI handled moving Microsoft Office 365 from the old devices to the new ones, engaging its Software Asset Management team to ensure the software licensing remained compliant.

The project’s six-month evaluation period presented an opportunity for the hospital to utilize SHI in an advisory role, rather than a transactional one. In understanding the customer’s needs, SHI was able to fully support the hospital’s unique environment and provide a custom solution meeting their needs. In addition, SHI’s excellent partner relationships and understanding of volume licensing programs allowed the customer to receive extremely competitive pricing on the rollout.

As a result of this success, the customer followed up with a hardware gear purchase for dozens of their clinics across the U.S., as well as renewing their Microsoft volume licensing contract.