Case Study:

Automotive Technology Manufacturer Deploys Storage Gateway

SHI AWS architects expand primary and backup storage environment


Customer Profile

Automotive Technology Manufacturer


The customer had recently switched to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and needed to replace their existing environment with thin clients and monitors to support the transition.


Data Center

SHI AWS architects analyzed the customer’s environment and pitched Storage Gateway as a flexible option which easily allowed Veeam integration for backup and recovery.


  • $50K savings
  • Flexible recovery options
  • Leverage AWS as secondary data center


AWS Veeam


An automotive technology manufacturer was looking for a way to provide off-site backups for their virtual infrastructure that supported SQL Applications and CAD File Servers. The operation had three manufacturing locations in North America (Alabama, North Carolina and Ohio) and were relying on cross-site, disk-based replication to back up data. As the business continued to grow, the customer began to run out of disk space at the primary backup target in Ohio, and their repurposed, legacy backup server equipment was end-of-life. Aside from these technical challenges, the solution was becoming increasingly too expensive to maintain. The customer needed an off-site backup target that offered endless scalability for archiving data, and needed to do this without incurring a large CapEx cost.


SHI evaluated the customer’s infrastructure and RTO/RPO objectives and analyzed their annual budget and timeline. SHI’s cloud architects performed an independent analysis by looking into options from three major public cloud providers and determined that AWS provided more flexible implementation options from a Storage Gateway perspective (File, Block-Volume/Cache, and Tape).

In addition, the proven technology of AWS Storage Gateway also came with multiple references from similar organizations that had integrated it well with Veeam Backup and Recovery Solutions. AWS Storage Gateway also offered flexible restore options by attaching AWS EBS Snapshots to on-premises Storage Gateways or to an EC2 Instances in AWS.

SHI's AWS team provided the customer with a new 16 TB Veeam backup target without having to invest any additional on-premises hardware.


By avoiding a dedicated backup appliance, this solution saved the customer an immediate $50K. In addition, the solution provided the auto tech manufacturer an off-premises target with flexible recovery options. The customer is now able to restore single files or full virtual machines back to an on-premises Storage Gateway and leverage AWS as a secondary data center with EC2 instances.