SHI Mobile

We live on data and connectivity now more than ever before. When your workforce loses connection, it could result in lost business or even put lives at risk.

SHI Mobile’s unlimited LTE data plan for business keeps your users connected to the beating heart of your organization, wherever they are.

SHI Mobile gives you unrivaled multi-carrier LTE data connectivity to ensure you have the fastest and most secure broadband or wired connectivity at all times. Using a single SIM or eSIM, SHI Mobile automatically selects the best available signal from more than 600 carriers across 120 countries worldwide.

Uninterrupted connectivity means physicians can treat patients in remote locations, engineers can fix issues on site, executives can stay connected to the business on the road and, yes, parents working from home can finally stop fighting the kids for home network bandwidth.

Anywhere, Anytime, LTE Connectivity

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

Between firstline workers, limited bandwidth households and business travelers, workforce mobility and a reliable connection are more important now than ever before. Organizations are evaluating LTE to meet this need instead of relying on Wi-Fi, which comes with its own risks.

Connect automatically to LTE

Connect automatically to LTE

Using innovative technology, the eSIM or SIM card intelligently connects any LTE-enabled device to the strongest signal, providing you with the strongest service. Get the reach of a global carrier with the quality of a local network.

Use whitelisted websites and apps

Use whitelisted websites and apps

Half of data usage in the enterprise is not business related. Ensure consumed data is applicable to business use cases by using a pre-defined whitelist of acceptable websites and apps.

secure connection

Experience a reliable and secure connection

Keep your data protected with enhanced security at the network level to reduce financial and cyber exposure. SHI Mobile offers a substantial upgrade over publicly available Wi-Fi, leveraging the security afforded by local carriers.

Manage one single contract

Manage one single contract

Eliminate the need to contract and manage multiple carriers while leveraging the buying power of your entire fleet of devices across a single contract and within a single software management platform.

How SHI Mobile benefits organizations like yours

Is SHI Mobile right for my business?

We're seeing a lot of the below scenarios and challenges with our customers:

  • Increased data consumption
  • Identifying which carriers have the best coverage in multiple locations
  • Having little to no visibility into how data is being consumed
  • Beginning to conduct more business internationally
  • Managing multiple VPN connections and APNs across multiple carriers

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it's worth having a discussion with us to see how we can help.

Contact us today to learn how SHI Mobile can benefit you!