Healthcare research firm unveils master-planned campus with state-of-the-art data center

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A U.K.-based healthcare research firm


A networking solution with security protocols, voice elements, and services for the new mega-campus

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Moved 1,000+ employees into new HQ nine months after the first project meeting

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Demonstrated double-digit savings to the procurement team

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Shored up network vulnerabilities and developed a stronger cyber defense system

SHI builds cutting-edge networking and security solution for 170,000-sq.-ft. facility


A European healthcare research firm, with 1,200 employees, wanted to replace four existing sites – totaling 97,000 square feet – by constructing a 170,000-square-foot EMEA headquarters in the United Kingdom. With limited personnel, the customer needed an IT partner to design, configure, and implement a swift and secure network. They needed to:

  • Pre-stage and build the physical network infrastructure within its own lab environment.
  • Deploy and install the network infrastructure to the new data center.
  • Roll out wireless and voice elements after completion of the LAN deployment.
The customer additionally required an IT partner with Cisco Gold certification, Aruba Wireless infrastructure implementation capabilities, and Palo Alto next-generation firewall experience.


SHI outlined a thorough scope of work and project timeline for the customer, bringing in internal engineers to draft recommendations for a comprehensive networking solution with sophisticated security protocols. We helped the customer evaluate the industry leaders for networking and security solutions, ensuring the final build incorporated the ideal innovative infrastructure elements for their new mega-campus. By leveraging relationships with each technology partner, we were able to renegotiate on behalf of the customer, demonstrating double-digit savings to their procurement team.


We provided a full suite of services, including design, pre-build, site survey, configuration, installation, testing, migration, training, and project management. The customer’s comprehensive networking and security solution included:

  • A Palo Alto security venture that transformed their defense stance from remediation to prevention and helped simplify their policy creation and management.
  • A comprehensive Cisco networking system, including switches, routers, server access/distribution, licensing, and peripherals.
  • HPE Aruba access points and mounts, controllers, virtual appliances, and training credits.
This project enabled the customer to seamlessly move over 1,000 employees into the new facility just nine months after the initial strategy meeting.


“We provided a full suite of services, including design, pre-build, site survey, configuration, installation, testing, migration, training, and project management.”

- SHI Next-Gen Infrastructure team


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