Case Study:

Golf Club Organization Vacates Colocation for 'Hole-in-One' Azure Migration

SHI performs rapid Azure migration, utilizing three-year, cost-free Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 extended support.


Customer Profile

Golf club organization


The customer needed to vacate their colocation, which had a number of legacy systems, and wanted to take advantage of Microsoft’s three years of free continued support to continue using Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 after end of official support. These systems were sensitive and needed a migration that maintained the workload configuration.


Data Center

SHI Architects were able to preserve their environment almost exactly as it was and migrate it to Azure. SHI helped the customer take advantage of Azure programs that extended the customer’s support for their legacy workloads an extra three years, at no cost.




  • Rapid migration allowing for ample testing
  • 3 years of extended support for Server 2008/SQL 2008 workloads at no cost


The customer's current architecture utilized aging infrastructure that was fast approaching end of life and end of support. Azure has a program to extend three-year support for Server 2008 and SQL 2008 workloads for workloads being migrated into Azure VMs. The customer needed a partner to guide them in taking advantage of this program while preserving the state and configuration of their workload during a migration to Azure.


SHI devised a plan to seamlessly migrate their applications without the need for heavy reconfiguration. During the course of the migration, the customer’s environment would incur minimal changes – allowing them to retain their exact IP schema and utilize most of their existing configuration.

After deploying and configuring Azure Site Recovery for synchronous replication of the customer’s environment, SHI created failover recovery plans to orchestrate failover of functional groups within the application stack. The recovery plans allowed the customer to test the application incrementally while learning from and documenting the test failovers. SHI hosted WebEx sessions to assist in validation and runbook creation in the pursuit of a cleaner, smoother production migration.


Azure migration allowed the customer to extend support of their Server 2008 and SQL 2008 workloads for an extra three years, with no additional cost and very little configuration change.