SHI Integration Centers

State-of-the-art facilities for data center and EUC configuration and deployment

The world’s largest organizations trust SHI as a global supply chain partner to simplify and streamline their technology procurement journey.

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Organizations around the world are rethinking their approach to Data Center and End User Computing (EUC) operations.

SHI’s global network of advanced integration and innovation centers offer technical configuration, equipment testing, validation, warehousing, and shipping capabilities. Our supply chain and technical experts work with your organization to design an agile and resilient data center or device supply chain to quickly adapt and respond to unanticipated changes.

Discover how to conquer the pain of your data center supply chain

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for hardware manufacturers to delay the time-to-market (TTM) of their products by upwards of 14-16 months. These extended delays impact your business’ ability to deploy new technology, causing:

  • Inaccurate capacity planning
  • Underutilized infrastructure assets
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Customer satisfaction challenges
  • Limited scalability

With large scale, often global infrastructure that is continuously growing and changing, organizations like yours can’t afford to wait for supply chains to fix themselves. Read SHI’s latest ebook to discover how Integrated Data Center Services (IDCS) can mitigate your supply chain pains and deploy your largest projects in a way that is predictable, repeatable, scalable, and high quality.

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Discover how to conquer the pain of your data center supply chain 

Integrated Data Center Services make your largest projects faster, smarter, and lower cost. Read SHI's latest ebook to learn how!

September 16, 2022

Standardized implementation services for faster time to value

Our integration centers offer:

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Advanced server pre-integrated racks

SHI’s certified team of configuration and infrastructure technicians support every step of your project, from design and assembly to testing and delivery. Fully configured cabled racks and pods are tested and ready for installation upon delivery — saving you time and money. Learn more

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Hardware and mobile device configuration

Our experts make configuring and shipping your customized hardware seamless and effortless. From a single server to thousands of tablets, you get tangible cost savings at each step and for every deployment. Learn more

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Server and end-user modern management and device imaging

SHI uses modern management to secure and manage endpoints over the air and drop ship them directly to end users. Organizations that need traditional imaging can use our secure and scalable image management services. Images can be applied to your servers, and end-user devices, including laptops, smart phones, tablets, and VR headsets. Learn more

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Hardware asset tagging

SHI creates unique asset tags that help you keep track of every device across your organization and beyond. Asset tags can be fitted as standard in all SHI Integration Centers. Third-party asset tags can also be used at SHI. Learn more

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Custom kitting and packing

SHI Integration Centers can be used to create custom packages for both new joiners and equipment refreshes. You can include specific peripherals for each employee and add branded merchandise to packages before shipping directly to your end users.

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Inventory and logistics management

We will securely warehouse your chosen products until you need them. SHI Inventory Management services give you complete visibility of your inventory in real time. You can access the right products any time without managing the equipment or processes. Learn more

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Supply chains remain fragile. Integration Centers matter now more than ever.

Over the past two years, SHI Integration Centers have experienced a 42% increase in overall demand for services. To support our global customers’ hybrid working initiatives, we increased EUC-related shipments by nearly 40%. We have hundreds of thousands of square feet of secured warehouse space internationally to store reserved IT inventory and ship them when and where you need them.

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Security comes as standard

SHI Integration Centers are safe and implement strict security protocols, including:

  • Isolated key card access
  • Advanced facial recognition
  • 24-hour central station monitoring
  • Separated networks to ensure security and disaster recovery



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