Renewals Management & Optimization

Your software renewals shouldn't be just an admin exercise. They are an opportunity to review costs, evaluate new options and ensure that your continued investment drives the maximum value to the organization.

SHI's Renewals Management and Optimization services help put you in the driver's seat, gaining better control of agreements and ensuring that you get the very best contract terms possible. Between our licensing experts, SAM professionals and long-tail vendor management team, we have the data, knowledge and experience needed to ensure that renewals reflect your business needs.

Proactively track upcoming software maintenance and support renewals to right-size spend. By looking at the total across all your renewal spend, whether from SHI, other VARs and/or direct purchases, we help you take a strategic approach to renewals.

Take the hassle out of managing renewals with our PRO Renewal Organizer – an easily accessible online portal that is FREE to all SHI customers where you can build a calendar and provide visibility of every renewal across your software portfolio.

SHI's 7-Point Software Renewal Checklist

  1. Find your entitlements
  2. Gather inventory data
  3. Understand utilization
  4. Compare entitlements to consumption
  5. Understand roadmap for products covered
  6. Understand support requirements
  7. Make recommendations

Online Agreement Tracking

Our maintenance optimization services integrate into the online PRO Renewal Organizer for easy visibility into your entire agreement landscape.


ROI Analysis

We create ROI reports and provide renewal recommendations based on your license utilization, upgrade cycles and support usage.


Negotiation Services

If requested, we leverage our industry experience to negotiate on your behalf and obtain the best possible terms.


  • Greater Insight
    See all your agreements and the relevant details for your renewals in one simple online view.
  • Increased Savings
    Discover savings opportunities you didn't know you had.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
    Spend less time tediously reviewing agreements and more time on important initiatives.
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