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Dell and SHI are on a mission to empower digital transformation and harness it’s potential. We want to bridge the gap between our customers' technology challenges and their desired success with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. Our unique value proposition is centered around being agile — understanding each customer's individual needs in order to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet their specific business needs.

As a Dell Titanium Black partner, SHI strives to continuously provide an exceptional experience across all levels of service — making us the go-to partner when it comes to keeping businesses ahead. Our certified experts are uniquely equipped to deliver the solutions and services you need to bring your IT projects to life.

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Benefits of Dell Technologies solutions through SHI

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Delivering expertise and devices

SHI’s professional services will help you select, deploy, and manage an array of Dell Technologies devices and solutions.

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Modernise on-premises technology

Hybrid, multicloud strategies support innovation and resilience. Unlock the cloud’s potential with detailed assessments, best-of-breed reporting tools, and customised deployment and management strategies.

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Solve today’s challenges

SHI’s Dell Technologies experts can meet your current business needs with tech that's right for you and your future.

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SHI has partnered with Dell Technologies to design and deploy next-generation infrastructure solutions that span from server solutions and data centers to networking services.

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Storage solutions

Meet the challenges of a constantly evolving IT landscape with our storage and data protection technology.

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Client solutions

With help from experts at SHI, you can build and deliver Dell Technologies solutions and devices to create a modern workplace that ensures your teams are effective, employees are empowered, and customers are satisfied.

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