Long-tail Vendor Management

Optimize contracts and reclaim spend for all your software purchases.

With SHI’s team of vendor management experts, get the help you need to negotiate and optimize contracts with your long-tail vendors.

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So much of your organization’s bandwidth goes toward managing your largest software contracts. But without taking the time to optimize your long-tail vendor licensing, you could be wasting valuable IT spend.

Long-tail vendor contracts are for the lower-quantity software used across your organization. These smaller contracts add up over time and without proper management can overwhelm your procurement and ITAM teams with bloated costs and compliancy risks.

SHI’s dedicated team of skilled contracts and vendor management experts can help negotiate, optimize, and manage your long-tail vendor contracts so you can free strained resources and reclaim wasted spend.

With over 30 years of licensing experience, our teams are dedicated to ensuring you get the right contract terms and conditions at the right price for all your smaller transactions.

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Countless studies report a financial savings of up to 10 to 20 percent for organizations who can get their tail spend under control

- Procurement Foundry (Feb 2021)

Turn your fine print into great print

Our vendor management services provide visibility into your contracts, helping you identify and fix potential issues and negotiate the best terms for your business needs.

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Decrease risk

Reduce the risk of non-compliance issues by understanding the terms of each of your long-tail software contracts. Our experts will help you create a more detailed agreement with preferred contract language and provide risk reduction services to address contract clauses that are of most concern to your operations.

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Free resources

Focus on high-value projects by leaving the time-consuming tasks to us. While our teams review the fine print of your long-tail contracts, your procurement and ITAM teams can dedicate resources where they’re needed most. And with our proactive risk management strategies, they’ll be better prepared for the future.

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Simplify terms

With our software contracting experience, we can share best practices across various customer sizes and industries to get you as close as possible to your preferred contract positions. Our negotiation support reduces contractual complexity and ensures a minimum level of terms and conditions for each software purchase.

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Don’t let your smallest vendor contracts become your biggest bloat

If you struggle to actively manage your smaller contracts, chances are you need more time, resources, or knowledge to get the job done. SHI’s Long-tail Vendor Management experts can provide all the above while taking the pressure off your procurement and ITAM teams. We leverage our decades of licensing experience to optimize your long-tail contracts so your teams can refocus on your highest-value projects instead of the biggest bloat.

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The right software, under the right agreement, for the right price

Don’t let lengthy fine print create confusion, wasted spend, or compliancy risks for your business. Optimize all your long-tail contracts with SHI’s decades of licensing experience.

Assess your business requirements

Assess your business requirements

Your long-tail contracts should always align with your business’ requirements. But comparing what you have with what you need can take valuable time and resources away from larger projects. Our experts will assess your requirements and recommend changes to existing contracts based on your organization’s needs.

Review your long-tail contracts

Review your long-tail contracts

Whether you’re scoping out new purchases or looking to optimize the terms of a renewal contract, our risk reduction solutions will help review and modify the language of your agreements, addressing clauses of most concern to your business – including audit rights, auto-renewal terms, confidentiality obligations, and more.

Support your ongoing negotiations

Support your ongoing negotiations

Contract negotiations take time. Any delays or disruptions stall your ability to select and deploy the software you need. Our procurement experts will prepare you for the unexpected with proactive risk management strategies. We will reduce the complexity of your contracts so you can deploy software on your terms.

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