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The way people interact, work, and process information is undergoing permanent change. We've entered a new era of hybrid everything, of expanded remote workforces and accelerated digital transformations.

For all the opportunities hybrid everything offers today's businesses, it also fuels an increasingly sophisticated and complex threat landscape. As organizations continue to pivot toward supporting remote workers, they are under growing pressure to bolster their defenses against new cyber threats targeting these hybrid workers and their virtual workspaces.

As organizations become more disrupted and distributed, IT teams must ensure that cybersecurity is baked into all aspects of their 'hybrid everything' IT models. SHI and Stratascale have a wealth of business consultants, research analysts, technology engineers, and managed services teams. Their focus is a simple one: help our customers by creating the cybersecurity programs, enterprise security architectures, and security operations models that offer the flexibility and agility to support their rapidly changing digital enterprise.

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Securing a hybrid workforce

To increase productivity, businesses must strike a balance between employee experience and IT compliancy. Securing a remote and hybrid work environment requires a holistic security strategy that is effective without being overly restrictive. SHI’s team of cybersecurity experts are here to help you address these challenges and deliver on the promise of a secure, effective workforce that is empowered to work where and when they are needed.


Securing hybrid infrastructure

In a hybrid everything world where users can access data from virtually anywhere, cybersecurity threats are more sophisticated than ever — and are testing the defenses of even the most seasoned organizations. Your business requires a modern, cloud-managed security approach that can adapt to ever-evolving threats. SHI's ridiculously helpful cybersecurity experts can help you regardless of where you are on your security journey.


Evolve your cybersecurity journey

It’s no mystery that cybersecurity affects every aspect of your business, which is why you need an automated, hybrid security infrastructure that’s flexible and fast enough to protect all your users, devices, and data — no matter where they are.

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