Traffic Intelligence Provider Improves Performance and Eliminates Outages by Switching Storage Platforms


SHI helps improve real-time traffic analytics by introducing HPE 3PAR Platform


Customer Profile

A large connected car services company which provides accurate data, rich analytics and inventive technology to automakers, governments, businesses, etc., around the world.


The customer experienced outages, slow performance and downtime due to an underperforming storage platform and exponential data growth which prevented them from delivering information to end users in real-time.


Data Center

After evaluating the current state of the customer’s environment to identify compute, storage and networking needs, SHI recommended an HPE hybrid array, including servers, storage and Aruba networking.




  • High performance
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Improved network uptime and resiliency


Whether it’s on the street or in your network, traffic jams are an annoyance!

An underperforming storage platform was preventing a traffic analytics provider from delivering information to end users in real-time – a necessity when monitoring and reporting on local traffic conditions.

Unable to keep up with exponential growth in data, the customer’s storage platform caused periodic outages, slow performance and downtime. Since their entire existence depended on the ability to combine vehicle connectivity, provide advanced parking management and optimize traffic flow, finding a different storage option became essential to the survival of the business.


When contacting SHI, the customer’s management expressed interest in replacing current storage software and hardware with one that could more quickly address the accessibility and performance of their database.

After evaluating the current state of the customer’s environment, and identifying their compute, storage and networking needs, SHI recommended an HPE hybrid array.

The packaged solution (HPE servers, HPE storage and Aruba networking) made sense in more than one way. In addition to creating consistent high performance, uptime and resiliency, the all-HPE platform added simplicity and ease-of-management by giving the customer one point of contact for support of their server, storage and networking operations. The single vendor solution has enabled the small IT staff to become self-sufficient and has served as a foundation to build upon.

“The solution met all of their needs,” said Cary Dahl, the SHI Regional Solutions Manager involved with the project since its inception. “We were able to articulate the value of having a full HPE stack within their data center, and we built an array that could handle their performance needs. I have seen a lot of very successful, happy HPE customers, so I was comfortable recommending the solution.”

The project took approximately three months to complete, an ambitious timeline considering the customer’s urgency and inability to experience downtime. SHI had already established itself as a trusted advisor, which made the execution of the project fast and smooth. In addition, SHI’s competitive pricing, technical resources and relationship with HPE played a huge role in the success of the project. SHI added value in areas such as strategy, solution designs, evaluation and selection, procurement, deployment and customer support.

Buoyed by the efficiency of their two data centers and 275-person team, this traffic intelligence provider has expanded into Europe where they now help drivers negotiate the heavily-traveled streets with real-time information about where and when to drive, park and avoid!

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