SaaS Cost Optimization Services

Can you say with confidence how many different SaaS apps are in use across your organization, how many subscriptions you’re using for each app, what the total spend is or how optimized those apps are?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, SHI’s SaaS Cost Optimization Services are for you.

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SHI's SaaS Cost Optimization Services will help you quickly take control and save money, simplify technology governance and reduce security risks by combining the latest SaaS discovery and software recognition technologies with expert licensing knowledge from SHI’s team of experienced Software Asset Management (SAM) professionals.

The combined benefits of SaaS discovery technology and licensing professional services will help uncover the true scale of SaaS usage across your organization, accurately identify SaaS costs (even from expense claims and company credit cards) and make sure your apps are being closely tracked. What’s more, our experts will then help you decide how best to use the SaaS usage data available, from defining policies on procurement and provisioning through proactively managing your key SaaS vendors.

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Cost Optimization and Much More

Left unchecked, your SaaS usage will spiral out of control and become a substantial source of spend and risk for your organization. With SHI’s SaaS Cost Optimization Services you can:

Discover SaaS apps in use
Identify individual and team spend
Redundant Apps
Cancel redundant and duplicate apps
Recover Spend
Recover wasted spend
Redeploy under-utilized subscriptions
Consolidate SaaS contracts and vendors
Monitor unauthorized applications

To support your technology and financial governance goals, SHI’s SaaS Cost Optimization Services are available in three tiers:


Your first steps towards controlling SaaS usage & spend

SaaS usage and spend discovery and reporting plus implementation support


Take advantage of SHI’s licensing and SAM experts to drive cost savings, improve efficiencies and reduce risk

All Standard features plus

  • On-going analysis and recommendations of SaaS Inventory
  • Assistance with setting up alerts, reporting, best practices and improvements for proactive detection of Shadow IT, unauthorized spend and other critical items
  • Monthly customized scorecard of SaaS inventory and spend data to identify potential trends and areas of risk
  • Quarterly formal review of SaaS application trends, cost optimization and app rationalization recommendations

On-demand access to additional consulting and advisory services for continuous optimization available upon request

Professional +

Fully managed service that integrates SaaS apps and cost optimization into your wider ITAM and Governance programs

All Professional features plus

  • Full stakeholder engagement to analyze SaaS requirements, usage and remediate wasted spend or security risks
  • Proactive renewals management for nominated SaaS vendors
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) analysis
  • Continuous ITAM Policy and Process monitoring, recommendations and implementation

Depending on your exact requirements, Professional+ can also include enhanced spend analysis, action-driven vendor management assistance and customized reporting

Contact an ITAM expert today to find out more.

The fastest way to deliver cost savings across your ENTIRE SaaS estate…

SHI SaaS Cost Optimization Services can be deployed and generate findings in less than 48 hours, giving you an incredibly short time-to-value and almost-instant advice on how to find savings on your entire SaaS environment.

…that keeps delivering value for months and years to come

The dynamic nature of the SaaS environment means the job is never complete and there will always be new applications, subscriptions, vendors and spend to manage. With SaaS Cost Optimization, the 24*7 monitoring of SaaS apps and the continual input of advice from SHI’s skilled licensing consultants means you’ll be able to demonstrate tangible cost savings and increased governance on an ongoing basis.

Why outsource your SaaS management challenges to SHI?

Managing cloud-based software is a new responsibility for already-stretched ITAM teams, requiring new skills and technologies that aren’t in your arsenal today. Working with SHI is like building your own in-house SaaS optimization team but without the hiring delays, payroll, onboarding and training!

  • Standard: Gain control of your SaaS usage and spend through discovery and reporting.
  • Professional: Discover real value with advisory services from our SAM and licensing experts.
  • Professional +: Achieve full cost savings and SaaS optimization with mature ITAM and SAM practices that include automated workflows, proactive alerting, negotiation, support and continual improvement reviews.

And of course, it’s not just SaaS. SHI offers a full suite of on-premises cost optimization, audit defense and inventory services for on-premises software too!

Contact an ITAM expert today to find out more.

Still think you’ve got SaaS under control?

You might be surprised to learn that the average organization has more than three times as many SaaS apps in use than are known to the IT team. So even if you think you’re in control, you’re probably not.

Take advantage of a free Proof of Value project to see how your SaaS usage estimates compare to reality! Contact your SHI Account Executive for more information.

Reasons to act today

SaaS usage and expenditure in your organization is probably already higher than you realize!


of enterprises spend $30M+ per year on cloud apps


apps used by average employee


per employee annually


SaaS spend wasted

Source: Cleanshelf, Inc.


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