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Navigating software licensing can be complex without support. SHI's software asset management (SAM) managed services streamline the process, freeing your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

We simplify and manage software licensing, overseeing over 1,000 titles, ensuring compliance, and maximizing your IT investments with our customized features. Our SAM managed services refine your software portfolio and offer expert advice on-demand, helping you get the most value with tangible business outcomes. Our services grow with you, making them suitable for organizations of all sizes.

We help align your software expenses with your objectives, increasing ROI. By monitoring your software usage, we minimize penalties and help you save costs. Focus on key initiatives while we expertly manage your software assets.

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SHI named a 'Niche Player' in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Software Asset Management (SAM) Managed Services.

Eliminate software audit stress

Software audits can be a nightmare for any organization. They can disrupt your operations, expose your vulnerabilities, and result in hefty fines or legal actions. SHI’s SAM managed services ensure constant compliance by tracking your software assets, clarifying licensing terms, and pinpointing potential compliance risks. We help you prepare for any audit scenario and provide the documentation and evidence you need to prove your compliance. With our services, you can reduce financial risks and audit stress and focus on your core business objectives.

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Optimize your software budget

Are you spending too much on software licenses that you don’t need or use? Do you want to optimize your software budget and get the most value out of your investments? You can achieve strategic IT cost minimization with SHI's SAM managed services. Our solution refines your software usage by analyzing your consumption patterns, identifying unused or underused licenses, and recommending the best licensing options for your needs. We help you avoid overpaying for software and ensure that you only pay for what you use. With SHI’s SAM managed services, you can save money, improve efficiency, and maximize your software ROI.

Unlock hidden software savings
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Align software licensing and compliance

Our SAM managed services guide you through your software landscape, ensuring compliance and optimizing your software spend to fuel your digital transformation. We help you align your software expenditure with your digital strategy and unlock the potential of your existing software to drive innovation, agility, and competitive advantage.

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Realize tangible value

SHI's SAM managed services drive business outcomes through cost efficiency, compliance assurance, and access to expert advice. Our customizable, scalable services are designed to meet unique needs across your organization, delivering actionable insights for improved decision-making, optimizing software usage, and enhancing ROI. Let SHI handle the complexities, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and improve resource efficiency.

Maximize your software investment
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