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SHI's CIC is a hub for technology, collaboration and innovation.

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We partner with leading technology companies to bring you data center, end-user and security solutions that can produce game-changing results.

Our team of certified engineers, architects and subject matter experts will help you uncover innovative concepts and approaches, sort through complex technologies, and generate powerful breakthroughs. You'll gain insights into emerging trends and best practices as well as access to the business and technical information you need to make an informed buying decision.

When we combine SHI's people, processes, and tools with our partner's offerings, you'll receive innovative solutions and world class support!

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Data center

SHI's data center solutions can help you build a new data center or modernize, move, protect, or retire your existing one. We'll remove the guesswork and work with you to overcome any challenges related to your strategy, planning, management, operations, and more!

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Devices and modern workplace solutions

Digital workplace

Our digital workplace solutions will help you increase workplace flexibility and agility while keeping your hardware lifecycles and costs in check. We'll arm your workforce with the right tools for the job, ensuring the employee experience is optimized through relevant applications and devices.

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Advanced cybersecurity solutions


Whether you want to enhance your security hygiene, protect critical assets, detect and stop advanced threats, orchestrate incident response, govern users and identities, deliver digital trust, or secure hybrid cloud, our security solutions will keep your company safe while you grow the business.

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