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Asset recovery services

Compliant, eco-friendly solutions for data security and asset disposal

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Evolving IT infrastructure brings new challenges to how you secure sensitive data and dispose of end-of-life hardware. Struggling to totally wipe data, comply with environmental regulations, and responsibly manage e-waste? You’re not alone.

SHI is here to guide you through the process and ensure compliance with environmental and data security regulations. We can arrange to securely collect devices from your premises or deliver them directly from remote users with custom packaging.

We ensure your assets are inventoried and assessed, then provide real-time visibility of where they are in the disposal process.

Our online portal provides detailed reporting of your asset recovery services, including end-of-lease processing, remarketing, redeployment, donation, and destruction. We help you maximize value so you can focus your time, resources, and finances on critical business operations.

An illustration depicting the process of electronic waste recycling and data security, with people disposing of, erasing, and recycling old electronic devices

Customize asset disposition to protect your business

Improper IT asset disposition can lead to unwanted access to confidential data, compliance risks, and reputational damage — all of which impact financial performance.

SHI provides secure IT asset disposition with purpose-built control systems, including:

  • Guaranteed data destruction using the latest standards.
  • Serialized audit reporting for complete transparency.
  • Verified chain of custody to ensure asset security.

We offer secure collection options for all locations, including custom boxes for safe item return and lockable containers for sensitive data protection.

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Minimize environmental impact and reduce waste

Without due diligence, e-waste disposal can harm the environment and offset your sustainability initiatives.

SHI offers responsible and eco-friendly disposal of equipment using:

  • A no-landfill policy, minimizing the environmental impact of your waste.
  • Strict and certified e-waste disposal processes that meet the highest standards.
  • Global partnerships with responsible recycling organizations.

We prioritize reuse whenever possible, maximizing value and reducing waste.

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Hone your asset recovery strategy with SHI’s expert guidance

IT asset disposal doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. SHI manages a global network of vetted partners, ensuring a secure and efficient service regardless of location.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Audits to assess your IT assets.
  • Secure removal of equipment from your facilities.
  • Guaranteed data erasure using industry-standard methods.
  • Hard drive shredding for maximum data security.
  • Asset redeployment to maximize value within your organization.

SHI simplifies equipment returns by providing clear instructions and resources for your employees. We handle the logistics and partner with disposition service providers to give you a hands-free processing experience.

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Tackle budgetary constraints and recover costs

Tight IT budgets are a common challenge. SHI helps you recover value from your IT assets beyond just equipment disposal. Even fully depreciated devices may live a second life.

Our remarketing and redeployment services can help you:

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership by extending the life of usable equipment.
  • Increase your return on investment by selling assets with fair market value.
  • Minimize environmental impact by keeping equipment out of landfills.

We rigorously evaluate your assets; those meeting your specifications are refurbished and redeployed. Items with fair market value are sold to recover costs, providing additional resources for your next project.

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Support your green initiatives through responsible asset management

IT sustainability improves your organization’s environmental impact, economic standing, brand reputation, and regulatory compliance.

SHI helps you:

  • Maintain compliance with your relevant contracts, legal obligations, and environmental standards.
  • Lower your carbon emissions and align with environmental regulations.
  • Attract eco-conscious customers and partners by demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Leverage SHI's expertise and proven asset recovery practices to bolster your IT sustainability and become your customers' top choice.

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Leveraging our vast network of carefully vetted partners, SHI offers a personalized, globally available solution for all your asset recovery and disposal needs.

We prioritize the security of your data and assets throughout the entire process. Our technicians scan all devices on-site before loading them onto sealed vehicles for secure transport. All assets are managed through a verified chain of custody, so you can rest assured that all end-of-life asset recovery activities conducted with SHI and our partners meet the highest security standards and regulatory requirements.

Gain valuable insight from SHI’s experts.

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Learn how SHI can secure your data and recover value from your end-of-life technology.

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