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Drive business efficiency and manage IT assets with SHI’s eco-friendly ITAM solutions.

At SHI, we deliver sustainable ITAM solutions designed to help businesses manage their IT assets effectively. In today's evolving economic and regulatory environment, our solutions provide essential insights, focusing on boosting operational efficiency, curbing costs, staying compliant, and reducing carbon emissions through the implementation of strategic IT asset management.

Protect your business and our planet.

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IT asset management sustainability solutions 

Accelerate your financial and sustainability success.

Boost efficiency and sustainability: Unleash the power of your server estate with our comprehensive analysis and customized solutions

Step into the future of sustainable IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive analysis and innovative rating system provide unparalleled insights into your server estate's performance and efficiency, empowering effective optimizations. Together with our expert ITAM specialists, prioritize workloads, drastically cut energy usage, and unlock savings — all while reducing your carbon footprint. With tailored recommendations, strategic planning, and custom projects aligned to your ESG goals, we are committed to boosting efficiency and propelling your organization into a new era of sustainable growth.

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Revolutionize your server efficiency

Gain performance insights into your server estate with our AI-powered server analysis tools that scan your entire infrastructure for inefficiencies. Our clear rating system provides an overview of each server's performance, enabling effective IT infrastructure optimization. Prioritize tasks on low-rated servers, reduce energy use, and uncover substantial savings, all while minimizing your carbon footprint.

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Elevate your organization’s sustainability

Boost your server sustainability with SHI. Our ITAM experts evaluate energy use and carbon emissions in your data centres, providing analysis and insights for your ESG objectives. We identify custom projects like BIOS optimization and server consolidation. Our assessments include Scope 2* and 3* emissions reports for legislative compliance. Improve sustainability and cost efficiency.

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Empower your ESG journey

Achieve your ESG goals with custom projects, encompassing infrastructure, decommissioning, site planning, virtualization, and responsible server disposal. Boost your organization's sustainable growth by cutting energy costs, promoting efficiency, and lessening environmental impact.

*Scope 2 covers emissions from sources that an organization owns or controls directly.

*Scope 3 includes emissions that a company causes indirectly when the energy it purchases and uses is produced.

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Looking to optimize your current IT infrastructure with sustainable IT solutions? Get tailored insights from our experts to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Case study

SHI enhances efficiency of ITAM lab 

With increasing ITAM lab usage, SHI prioritized enhancing server efficiency and sustainability.

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Case study

SHI's managed service realizes over $3.3M in savings for a not-for-profit health insurance provider 

SHI's software license service saved a non-profit health insurer over $3.3M, optimizing license management and compliance.

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Case study

Global publisher enhances Oracle management and achieves $1.6M in savings 

Using SHI's Oracle services, a global publisher simplified IT management and realized significant savings.

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Case study

U.S. federal contractor optimizes operations and savings with SHI’s SAM services 

Using SHI's platform, a U.S. federal contractor enhanced savings and operational transparency.

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