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Hybrid cloud security

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Your organization’s expanding attack surface requires strategic cloud security.

Hybrid cloud security is vital as more organizations combine public and private IT infrastructures. However, there are numerous security challenges to consider, including compliance, visibility, data exposure, supply chain protection, identity, shadow IT, and misconfigurations.

Security in hybrid environments isn’t the job of one technology, but rather a latticework of solutions that work together to help you secure and manage your clouds with ease. No two hybrid cloud environments look the same, but SHI can assist you in securing your organization’s cloud infrastructure with our assessments, tools, and processes. Leaning on SHI labs, you can make data-driven decisions for better business outcomes.

With SHI’s state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Center, we help you evaluate your cloud infrastructure, comply with regulatory frameworks and industry best practices, and develop an actionable roadmap to secure your organization in the cloud.

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API security

With strategies, tools, and procedures designed to keep your organization’s application programming interface (API) safe, we can help address issues such as access control, identity-based security, content validation, rate limiting, monitoring and analytics, and data protection.

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Network segmentation can ensure the damage caused by a data breach will be limited to a small area. Virtual private clouds can help segment your network, and network access control lists are also an effective way to police and control network traffic.

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Identity and access management

The principle of least privilege should be enforced at every possible juncture to ensure digital identities can access or influence the IT assets critical to their main functions. Key IAM best practices include rotating access keys, implementing service-linked roles, and keeping an eye on access patterns to spot anomalies and suspicious activities.

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Supply chain

Your organization is responsible for the safety and control of on-premises infrastructure. However, your platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) vendors will have varying degrees of responsibility for their security. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) requires more from your organization, including configurations, data encryption, access management, and various security settings.

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Incident response

Having an incident response plan is imperative to help your organization bounce back from an attack with the least amount of damage. Strengthen your incident response plan by assigning clear roles to all stakeholders, scheduling regular rehearsals of playbooks, documenting the results, and introducing automated incident detection wherever possible.

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Hybrid cloud security poses unique security considerations.

SHI and our industry-leading partners will help you navigate the challenges ahead.

Spotlight on customer success

See how our teams and partners help organizations like yours achieve superior business and security outcomes.

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Case study

National law firm adopts winning endpoint defense with SHI and SentinelOnes 

When one of the largest injury law firms in the U.S. learned their cyber insurance required a robust modernization of their endpoint security strategy, their IT security team needed to identify the best solution to support a rapidly growing, nationwide team of 3,000+ employees — and fast.

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Case study

Growing healthcare provider offers specialized care with a simplified security solution 

A large healthcare provider underwent major changes, requiring a simplified cybersecurity solution to consolidate their sister companies and ease their growth, despite time constraints and expiring technology solutions.

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Case study

Healthcare research firm unveils master-planned campus with state-of-the-art data center 

A customer planned to consolidate four sites into a single 170,000-square-foot headquarters, and needed assistance with design, configuration, and implementation of a comprehensive network security solution to support 1,200 employees.

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