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Data loss prevention (DLP) enables you to have control over your data, regardless of its location. Data mainly exists in three forms: data in motion, data at rest, and data in use. It is crucial to discuss DLP and determine who has access to the data, where the data is stored, how to control data leaving your environment, and how to stay informed about what is happening with your data.

SHI provides guidance, planning, and best practices for deploying a data loss prevention program in your organization. We can give you a high-level evaluation of your existing identity posture and capabilities, and a roadmap with actionable short- and long-term recommendations. With knowledge and expertise, our specialists can help you understand what options are available to best fit into your security portfolio.

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Email solutions

DLP for email systems helps organizations prevent sensitive data within email from being lost, leaked, misused, or accessed by unauthorized individuals. SHI’s DLP solutions for email monitor inbound and outbound messages, searching for anything that may be confidential, sensitive, or in need of regulatory protection. The DLP solution then flags, deletes, or blocks the detection, based on your organization’s security policies.

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Endpoint management

DLP for endpoints provides your organization with integrated content awareness, as well as behavioral and threat awareness. You will have visibility into sensitive data and the users who interact with this information. SHI helps you understand the context behind user behavior and determine appropriate policies, helping you determine the best response if data loss occurs.

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Network DLP secures your organization’s network communications, including email, web applications, and data transfer mechanisms like file transfer protocol (FTP). This prevents loss of sensitive information via the network and enables organizations to encrypt data and block risky information flows to better monitor and control the flow of data across networks.

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Cloud data loss prevention solutions use business rules to classify and protect critical information. In this way, users and compromised user accounts cannot accidentally or maliciously share data, putting your organization at risk. It provides visibility and protection of sensitive data in software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) applications.

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Cookware brand eighty-sixes unwanted outages with expert Azure support 

SHI’s Professional service level provided expert support from technical engineers and a dedicated technical account manager.

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Logan Finance overhauls every level of IT with SHI Complete 

Logan Finance completely transformed their security, networking, cloud, IT support, and employee experience – all with the same SHI solution.

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How a healthcare giant underwent a perfect Azure migration thanks to SHI 

SHI carefully executed a complete Azure migration while ensuring HIPAA and HITRUST compliance.

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