Cloud Provider Services

Whether you are in the Cloud or not, we can help you along the way.

Whether your organization is already in the Cloud or taxiing on the runway, we can support your cloud platform journey.

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From licensing guidance to simplified billing support services, operating in a cloud environment can be easier than ever.

Organizations need the visibility, flexibility, and security and compliance capabilities to ensure a vibrant cloud environment for their business. SHI provides your team with a universal capability to track and manage your cloud provider interactions. We allow you to spend less time struggling with management and support of your cloud technologies and more time on driving your business objectives forward.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Providers

SHI provides strategic engagement with top cloud providers to maximize your experience.

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Support for AWS Environment

Enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) combined with expertise from SHI. From flexible billing and dedicated account management to health checks and usage analyses, we help you make the most of your AWS environment.

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SHI Storage Solutions for AWS

Whether you’re new to cloud or already leveraging its benefits, our cloud experts are well-versed in storage and data management platforms and we will help you choose the best offerings for your most complex IT environments.

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VMware Cloud on AWS Services

Do you dream of seamlessly integrating your public cloud with an on-premises infrastructure? SHI can help you leverage your VMware Cloud software on AWS Services, and address mission critical initiatives for your organization.

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SHI Support Services for GCP

You should take advantage of everything your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) investment has to offer with SHI’s broad range of services, from one-on-one licensing guidance to customized billing formats and everything in between.

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SHI Support for Microsoft CSP

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) customer, you’re entitled to support services. Whether you already use Microsoft Cloud products or you are just starting out, SHI can help with billing, management, and support services.

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SHI One – Cloud Management Platform

With this powerful dashboard, you can track and manage all your public clouds. Spend less time struggling with reporting and spend more time driving business initiatives.

Our SHI One Cloud Management Platform gives everyone on your team — from procurement to the C–Suite — a centralized portal in which to track, manage and support all your public clouds, as well as track status and results of SHI services and your warehouse inventory.

Spend less time struggling with reports, management and support, and more time on the strategic initiatives driving your business forward.

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Licensing assistance and simplified billing through SHI’s Cloud Provider Services

Having a partner that helps you use cloud to its fullest is so sweet. SHI Cloud Provider Services takes the fear of the unknown out of your cloud experience. We enable you to make sense of your new cloud environment and assist you in creating a cloud management infrastructure that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Increased Oversight

Organizations can increase visibility and control over their environments with SHI Support Services. We have the tools, expertise, and services to help you track your cloud assets and spend. We provide the resources, partners, and technologies to help you get the most out of your cloud environment.

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Additional Savings

Organizations are looking to maximize their cloud consumption and expenses as a way to accelerate their IT transformation, increase visibility, and fuel new innovation projects. SHI has the capabilities and resources to help you track your cloud assets and spend for maximum cloud utilization efforts long term.

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Cloud Onboarding

Getting onboarded with your cloud environment can be difficult. SHI helps with your account setup, initial billing configuration, and other administrative tasks. We can establish an approval workflow for your account-related requests and are available to answer questions on migration rules, compliance, and cost.

Get support for your cloud platform journey!

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