Centric Software trusts SHI for virtually all their IT procurement needs.

Video Transcript: Streamlined procurement: How SHI consolidated Centric Software’s IT vendors

When I think of SHI, three words come to mind: accountability, reliability, and execution.

My name is Jason Vo. I work for Centric Software. I am the IT Manager and I'm responsible for all of procurement for the company.

When I first joined Centric Software, the first thing I wanted to do was consolidate. I looked at every single vendor that we had on board – SHI was one of them.

One thing that stood out about SHI was the broad amount of items that were able to be purchased. So, it's like, cutting out a lot of vendors, sticking with one, getting things delivered in ample time, and I was like, this is a clear choice. Let's stick with SHI, see what they can do. And year after year, they've been proven to be very well.

We tend to do a lot of procurement. We have a lot of in-house – so we don't do a lot of projects, per se, and rent and have the different types of expertise. We do it in-house, so some of the major projects that we've done are, like, OKTA, Pure Storage, moving, upgrading data centers, and stuff like that. Especially software, as well. So, we've done a lot. We're lucky to have all of these expertise in-house, so I'm very happy.

The relationship that we establish is basically what sets everything apart.

Now I can't say much about every other technology vendor, but we've been very happy with getting things expedited very well, never cutting corners, doing things in an honest way, and never jeopardizing the business in any which way. And that's the core basics of why I still do a lot of business with SHI.

The biggest value of SHI that brings to Centric Software is the relationship, number one. Number two, the ability to go above and beyond of what a simple procurement would be.

So, for example, communication is key. Transparency is key. And in this relationship, SHI is willing to have the attitude to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and that's what's highly appreciated from us.

Customer profile

Centric Software provides product management and insights for retailers and manufacturers.


Thanks to SHI’s breadth of IT equipment and solutions, Centric Software consolidated and streamlined their IT procurement.

500 - 2500 employees  |  Business of IT  |  Infrastructure  |  Next-Gen Infrastructure  |  Procurement  |  Professional Services  |  Software Licensing  |  Storage


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Vendor consolidation

With SHI, Centric Software reduced their reliance on other vendors and streamlined procurement processes.

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Next-gen infrastructure

Centric Software worked with SHI to quickly upgrade their data center and storage solutions.

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IT efficiency

SHI is Centric Software’s trusted partner to complete IT projects on time and on budget.

SHI’s comprehensive hardware and software solutions enabled Centric Software to streamline procurement by consolidating their IT vendors.


Centric Software has over 20 years of experience working with top brands to develop innovative solutions that maximize revenue and efficiency. Their work touches every aspect of a retailer's business, from product lifecycle management to pricing and market intelligence.

When it comes to major infrastructure projects like storage and data center upgrades, Centric Software has preferred to utilize in-house expertise to maintain control and keep their operations flowing as smoothly as possible. But procurement was becoming overly complex, with many different vendors to filter through when making major procurement decisions.


When IT Manager Jason Vo first joined Centric Software, his first task was to consolidate the number of vendors in their portfolio. When he evaluated SHI, our broad range of hardware and software solutions caught his attention.

Our comprehensive offerings span the entirety of the IT industry, including hybrid data center, end-user computing, cybersecurity, software licensing, and so much more. No matter the project, OEMs, or timeline, we’ve got Centric Software covered.

Because of our capabilities, as well as our proven track record for fast delivery and clear communication, Jason could consolidate his vendors with confidence knowing Centric Software could depend on SHI for all their IT procurement needs.


By leveraging SHI as their central IT procurement partner, Centric Software has been able to reduce their vendor portfolio and streamline their procurement processes.

After consolidating with SHI, Centric Software leveraged our solutions portfolio to optimize their infrastructure with much-needed upgrades — without sacrificing the diversity of options available to them.

“The relationship that we’ve established [with SHI] is basically what sets everything apart.”

- Jason Vo, IT Manager at Centric Software

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