It’s not just fun and games. Post University esports is leading the field.

Video Transcript: Post University launches esports program

SHI provides a value to myself and my team with the knowledge they have of the systems and the technology.

My name is Dr. Roderick Karamanica, I'm the program chair for gaming and Esports management here at Post University. I oversee all academic programs and have a hand in our Varsity Sports play along with John Martin our coach. So the journey to post was really interesting, I've spent time in Corporate America, in various fields of learning development, customer service but I've always been a gamer. I came to post kind of on a whim where Elisa Hunt the dean of The Graduate School of Business reached out on LinkedIn looking for somebody that new gaming and I responded and that turned into a presentation with the dean Jeremy Bauer the School of Business and we talked about what they wanted to see in gaming and Esports. And our paths aligned and we talked about coming here full time and it just worked out perfectly and so I've been here for about three years and it's been amazing.

So John Martin, our head coach of our Varsity program here at Post University, he is a unique individual and that he can connect with the students at every level, at a scholarly level, as a teacher in the classroom, as a coach, and as a peer when he plays with the students. You know it would be a smash or rocket League, it resonates that the students connect with him.

I've personally been working with SHI for going on three years now, we worked with them to build this amazing space you see here today, and they've been a fantastic partner in knowledge transfer delivery of goods and services and just there with us along the way. There's never a time where we reach out to them where we have a question about some aspect of our technology in the lab that they don't have some sort of solution for.

One thing that makes working with the SHI special is the fact that they have access to multiple brand names, different sources for equipment systems, so you were never limited to what you could dream of or what you can build in your project.

When I saw this facility for the first time I was kind of amazed. I was blown away because of you know all the PC setups that we have here it's way more than I've ever seen in my lifetime. Esports is probably one of the most welcoming new sports that I've like seen and experienced firsthand. I played football, basketball, you know I played like wrestling, I've done like all sports my entire life but Esports has probably been the most welcoming communities that I've ever been a part of and you could be who or whatever and you'll get accepted.

I would just say that the folks that work so hard at SHI thank you for the help thank you for the wisdom thank you for the execution.

Customer profile

Post University, a private university located in Waterbury, CT and founded in 1890.


SHI partners with Post University to accelerate their digital transformation with an industry-leading esports classroom and lab.

500 - 2500 employees  |  Digital Workplace  |  Education  |  End User Computing  |  Modern Desktop  |  Networking  |  Next-Gen Infrastructure  |  Procurement  |  Software Licensing



Managed 20 vendors in the development of the lab

Esports Icon


Launched the ultimate esports lab for student engagement


Students served with facility access

SHI and Post University partner to build a winning esports lab for the ultimate learning and gaming experience.


Post University is a private university dedicated to their students’ success for more than 130 years. Striving for an exceptional educational experience, Post University wanted to embrace the rise in esports popularity and offer a curriculum that set students up for success during college and beyond.

Dr. Roger Caramanica understood the value in esports and joined as the university’s program chair for gaming and esports management to oversee and develop the program.


Post University worked with SHI to build an esports lab and classroom with reliable, high-speed connection, the latest technology, peripherals, and more – everything they would need for a leading esports arena. SHI managed about 20 vendors for the project from procurement to installation.


With a successful esports curriculum, varsity sports, and cutting-edge facility with 22 computers and gaming consoles, Post University is leading the charge in esports innovation while cultivating a welcoming, connected esports community. For three years and counting, Roger and Post University continue to partner with SHI, seeing the value in our knowledge, technology, and solution offerings. With access to multiple brands, equipment systems, and solutions, Post University is never limited in what they can dream or build.

“There's never a time where we reach out to [SHI] when we have a question about some aspect of our technology in the lab, that they don't have [a] solution,” said Roger.

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“SHI has been a fantastic partner in knowledge transfer, delivery of goods and services, and just there with us along the way.”

- Dr. Roger Caramanica, Program Chair, Gaming and Esports Management

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